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Welcome, artsy friends!

My name is Tena (pronounced Tina). I am a prolific, passionate, outspoken (sarcastic) southern girl.  I was born and raised around New Orleans, Louisiana. I am the mother of 3 incredible children. My husband is a Sergeant in the US Army and stays in the Federal Reserve mostly to support my art supply, electronics, and book addictions.

I've been creative since I was very young. It was my passion through grade school and beyond. I created my own paper dolls from scraps of "stuff" I found around the house. My mother sewed, and I would scoop up the scraps of material and design clothes for my Barbie dolls. I stared in awe at the pretty couples printed on the covers of the tons of romance novels that I read, just to escape the never-ending dialog in my brain. I wanted to recreate those cover images badly. I'm still working on it!

Today, inspiration for my work comes from everything around me... my city, music, art,  food, architecture, and the gumbo of culture in every neighborhood.

My creative work includes fine art and journalistic photography, digital art, ATC's, jewelry design, and mixed media.  I also write, and I love journaling--especially art journaling!

Art takes us on a path of self enlightenment, expression, and healing. Plus, it's just plain fun!!!


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